Why the Sun and the Moon Live In the Sky - Short Story

Why the Sun and the Moon Live In the Sky - Short Story

Why the Sun and the Moon Live In the Sky

A long time ago, the Sun and the Moon were best friend. They had been best friend for a long time. They always spent time together, playing, laughing and just having fun. They were always happy together that their whole body were shining so bright. 

The Moon was like a little sister for the Sun. He always protected her and made her laughed. But little did he know that the Moon had been secretly in love with him. She admired him very much.

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One day when the Sun and the Moon were hanging out on the top of a mountain, the Water walked by. She was so beautiful that she dragged the Sun’s attention.

“Wow.. Who’s that beautiful lady?.” The Sun asked the Moon.
“It’s the Water. She lives in the north.” The Moon said quietly.
“I think I like her.” The Sun said while smiling.
“Go get her then.” The Moon said while trying to smile when on the inside she was falling apart.
“Really? I mean, are you okay if I leave and talk to her?.” The Sun said eagerly.
“It’s okay, I’ll just stay here.” The Moon said reassuring the Sun. She just wanted her best friend to be happy.

The Sun then chased after the Water, leaving the heartbroken Moon alone on the top of the mountain crying her heart out.

After that day the Sun and the Water relationship were getting closer and closer everyday while his relationship with the Moon was the opposite, they grew apart. They barely see each other again. The Sun whose too preoccupied with his new girlfriend almost forgot his truly best friend. In the other hand, the Moon felt really sad and lonely that her light slowly faded each day. 

All she did was sitting alone on the top of a mountain crying, while looking at the sky where the little Stars dancing happily together. Everyday she always called for the Stars to bring her to the sky with them so she wouldn’t have to be alone and watched the Sun and the Water doing everything that she used to do with the Sun. 

But little Stars always refused to bring her to the sky because it was so cold there, and beside that if they brought the Moon to the sky, she wouldn’t be able to go back to earth anymore. The Moon couldn’t do anything so she walked home disappointedly when in the middle of the way she overheard the Sun and the Water conversation.

“Why do you want to meet her? Do you love her?.” The Water asked the Sun.
“What?! No.. Of course not. I love you, not her. She’s just a friend. She’s nothing.” The Sun quickly answered.

The Moon’s heart fall apart hearing those words. She couldn’t stop the tears that kept falling from her eyes.

“Good. You don’t need her cause you’re with me now.” The Water said smiling wickedly. She knew that the Moon was there hearing everything. She wanted to make the Moon broken. She was jealous of the Moon because the Moon was best friend with the Sun while she didn’t have any friend.

The Moon ran back to the top of the mountain and begged the little Stars to please brought her with them because she couldn’t take it anymore. Finally little Stars brought the Moon to the sky because they couldn’t bear to see her crying her heart out.

Day after day passed and the Sun started getting tired of the Water behaviour that was very bossy and annoying, so he went to visit his best friend that he really missed, the Moon, but she was nowhere to be found. 

The Sun panicked and started looking for the Moon to every place that they used to go, and when he went to the mountain he saw the Moon in the sky with little Stars. He was so sad seeing his best friend so far away from him. And he was even more sad seeing that the Moon wasn’t shining anymore, she lost her light. He then went to the top of the mountain and talked to her.

“Why are you went to the sky?.” The Sun asked sadly.
“Don’t you understand that I am so lonely, sad, and hurt?!! My very own best friend said that I was nothing to him. So what’s the point of staying when nobody wants you?!!. Can’t you see that I love you?!!” The Moon said while tears were streaming down her face.
“I-I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean it. I really miss you, I love you. Please.. come back.” The Sun said, looking at her with his glossy eyes.
“No, really. I love you. Not as a friend. I really do love you. But I know the feelings isn’t mutual. I just wish you to be happy with her. Good bye.” The Moon said still crying, then she faded away in the dark.

In that moment the Sun finally realized that who he really love is the Moon. He broke down and cried, calling for the Moon to come back. A few minutes later the Sun saw the Wishing Star in the sky so he called and asked the Wishing Star to bring him to the sky.

“Hey Wishing Star! Please help me, pleaseee!.” The Sun pleading.
“What do you want me to do?.” Answered the Wishing Star.
“Bring me to the sky with you.” Said the Sun.
“It’s so dangerous you know. I fly with a really fast speed. You might get yourself burned.” Explained the Wishing Star.
“I don’t care. Just bring me to the sky, please. I’m begging you.”
“Fine. But you know the consequence. Tell me to stop when you’ve reached your destination.” The Wishing Star said.

Then the Wishing Star brought the Sun with him, flew with a really fast speed that made the Sun’s body burned, full of fire. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was that he wanted to be with the Moon.

“Stop! Stop!.” The Shun shouted when he thought that he had been in the place near the Moon. The Wishing Star released him and continued to fly away. The Sun looked around, searching for the Moon with his now fiery body. He saw the Moon but she was so far away from him. 

The Sun flew away too far from the earth. He was about to go over to the Moon when he realized that if he went too close to the Moon, she would get burned because of fire on his body. So he canceled his intention because he didn’t want to hurt the Moon ever again. All he could do was watch the Moon from afar and shone her as best as he could so the Moon knew that he was there with her. 

Because of the Sun’s light the Moon is shining again and she was warmed by his love. Now we can see the Moon shining every night, brighten the earth. And every full moon, when the Moon is shining the most, the Water in the sea will tide. 

It was because the Water wants to reach the moon and drown her. She couldn’t accept the fact that the Sun had chosen the Moon over her. But however, the Water will never reach the Moon because she is high in the sky.

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