Where Were You? - Short Story

Where Were You? - Short Story

Where Were You?

I was in junior high school. At the first time I came to my new school, I felt so happy. There were many friends. Time by time we’ve known each other and having friendship.

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At the moment we have finished our lessons on grade 7 th, and so we’re grade 8 that day. There’s a new student in our classroom, he was a boy. Yeah a handsome boy!!. He’s really a cool boy but not clever very much. He was good on football.

Formerly I was a shy girl, really shy girl!. I just wanna talk with girl and no boy. But I was a clever student especially in English. I got the first ranking on first and second semester of grade 7 th in our school. I never thought about love before, it’s because I always tried to focus on the lesson very much. But now I felt that there’s something happened in my heart. There were many questions running up in my mind every time.

Everyday I looked at him, The new student!. I respected to him, time by time I felt that I fell in love with him. I thought about him before I went to sleep and every time. When I looked and met him, I always felt that my heart beat faster than usually. Yeah right! He is my first love. I never felt like that before. But I didn’t tell anyone about it included all of my friends. I thought they wouldn’t know that I loved a new student.

At one day, I and my friend talked seriously. She told me who boy that she loved and she asked me to do the same. We made an agreement so that do not told anyone about this, and okay! we’ll promise. Tomorrow, She was talking with other friend and revealed my love secret not intentionally. Firstly I was a bit angry but i tried to forgive her.

I didn’t know what happen. One of his friend always told me what Mr.Boy said. I thought he loved me too. He’s asking all around about me. He asked for my phone number, hair style, username of social media and the others about me. When hearing that, I fell so glad. He sent me messages. Firstly I tried not to reply her message but at last I replied his message. After that, we’re often message each other. We talked about everything and knew more each other. Yeah I’m really happy.

Long time have been already over with all memorable moment although without love word until one day at our classroom, when he went classroom out, he talked loudly “I didn’t love her”. But anyone didn’t know what means that he said. Only my close friend heard what he talked. But when he said that, i didn’t hear clearly. Then my friend told me about his saying. I fell be so shy and sad. He has given me love sign, but actually those’re only false. I hate him, i hate him very much! Arrgh!.. Fine, I tried hardly to forget him.

Long time already taken and now I didn’t love him again. We had my life usally without different and nothing special. But I fell alright, I enjoyed this moment with all of my friends. Suddenly when we’re on grade 9 th, a lot of pupil in our classroom were in tumult because one gossip especially me. Yeah! The gossip was talked about his feeling. His friend came back to said to everyone that he loved me. Haha! I just laughed and thought that was a false again. I didn’t care it much.

All of his doing in class always made our friends mocked me and him that we’re in love, I fell an usual. But one day, he sent messages to my close friend, he told the fact that the gossip it’s true not just like gossip. My friend told what he said to me, erm I still didn’t care it. At a moment we had a task to sing. All of us were waiting our turn. When my turn were coming, I go to forwad the class and sang a song that it was bore a meaning like my feeling now. Next! Next. And when his turn were coming, he sang a song like were expressing his feeling that he loved me. All of my friends cheered to me. Haha!.

That day, after I went home from school, I got an message and it was proved from him. Yeah I read it and the content he said he loved me. Aww aww, I just laughed alone. So I replied his message, I refused his love request. I thought it’s worth to him, to man who hurt the girl! Where were u past? And now you’re back, what did u want?. I’m sorry couldn’t be yours. But I would remember this story forever, it’s a memorable.

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