When You Are Gone - Short Story

When You Are Gone - Short Story

When You Are Gone

After all this time together I never thought that you would leave me if you feel what I’m feeling right now? and do you know what I want? I need you by my side I miss our times together may you never feel it how sick and miserable I was when you left. I repeatedly read all messages from you to not feel the tears fall,

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I cried remembering all the memories of you, I feel these days like in the hell is so hard to forget all the memories, present you with a thousand promises and you go without giving one reason for sure you destroy all the promise, why did you do that? anything wrong me?

You Hurted Me At Extreme Level I was Silent,
You Broke My Heart I was Silent
You Ignored Me At Worst I was silent You Busy With Others And Didn’t Even Care For Me I Was Silent
Every time I Texts You But You Didn’t Replied I Was Silent But When You left me I Brusted into Tears … “Because You Hurts Me More Than I Deserve”

I have given all to you, trust, love, and even I had to leave all my friends just to maintain our relationship to survive, but it’s all just in vain. you think of me as a game and when you get bored you go so wrote no matter what I’m feeling how sick, and miserable when we are together. I will never give up and tired of love, I’m still waiting for you to come back to me someday.

I call your name in prayer and everywhere I go there’s only your name, you can never replaced in my life you are a very special part of my life even though at this time I do not know where you are.

It hurts when someone i love so much doesn’t feel the same,It hurts even more when my heart’s breaking and i can’t cry,

One thing that haunts me every day and every night is your name, I’d say I’m happy for you, but you’d know it’s all a lie. I told myself I would never come in between you, I know your happy without me,

I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice, I wanted to be your Girl but I guess I was never your first choice. Looking at you, I wondered if I could’ve made you happy, Your smile, your laughter, your face and your voice is burned in my head, But then again I don’t think I could’ve ever made you happy, Sometimes thinking about you makes me want to die instead. I promised myself that I will continue loving you no matter what.

I also promised myself that I will never jeopardize your happiness, I cannot lie but my love for you will never part, I promise you I will be by your side if you’re ever in pain or sadness. This is my promise to you as a friend and as someone who loves you.

For all my friends :

When Someone walks away from you –Let them Go (for sometime)

Sometimes ..

Hurt is needed to make us grow.
Failure is needed to make us know
Loss is needed to make us gain.
In life, we all have:


Some lessons are BEST learned only through PAIN!!

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