Three Things - Short Story

Three Things - Short Story

Three Things

Diana and Yi An was a very close friend they were a neighbor. Yi An was very good and clever boy. Diana is a genius girl in her school. They always together no matter what happened. They were like brother and sister although they weren’t. Diana parents and Yi An parents know each other and you know what they even want Diana and Yi An married.

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Of course they denied but in their heart they said, “yes.” they always like 3 things, like food, drink, clothes, etc. Everything that they buy was 3 things but in especially one they have an motivated from 3 thing. Number 1 always together, number 2 don’t forget me, number 3 i will be always be with you. Well, this is very important things. One day Diana and Yi An was meet at the park they were talk about their future.

“when we graduate what will you do next?” ask Yi An.
“i don’t know. I don’t have a plan. You?” tell Diana.
“i think… i want to… marry you.” said Yi An.
“dream on.” said Diana.

But in deep of her heart she want to. She want to wait for it until she succeed from her high school. After, talk they were hungry and eat at the restaurant near the park. Like always 3 things. One month ago graduation has come Diana and Yi An are graduate and they meet at the park.

“we were graduate what’s your plan?” said Yi An.
“i want to move.” said Diana.
“what!?” he is surprised.
“you said that you don’t have a plan.”
“sorry.” said Diana cry.
“you forget about special 3 things number 1?” said Yi An mad.
“I’m sorry i have to my parents said.”
“I will wait for you.” said Yi An.

Then Yi An leave Diana with mad and Diana was cry very loud. But you know after a month ago Yi An still wait Diana in the park.

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