This is Yogyakarta - Short Story

This is Yogyakarta - Short Story

This is Yogyakarta

Two years ago, I went to Yogyakarta for my vacation with my grandma. The trip was started in 07.00 p.m. from Malang, and fortunately we come early, for about at 08.30 a.m. at Yogyakarta.

Many great places and destinations were there. We can see a famous temple, such as Prambanan temple. We can go shopping there, and many other wonderful destinations.

The first destination I had with my grandma is Prambanan temple. It was a great temple. My grandma and I were taking many pictures there. We can see the sun rose up behind the temple in the morning.

After we went to Prambanan temple, we went to Beringharjo market. My grandma bought many clothes for me, our family and also for herself, it called Batik. That’s really awesome! After we had enough to buy many clothes, we went to town square, called Alun-Alun with pedicab or usually called becak.

But firstly we went to Malioboro, the main street and the most famous place in Yogyakarta. Oh God, that was really crowded! We were almost can’t to move. There were many traditional restaurants, but usually called Angkringan, Lesehan, and so on.

We also went the Vredeburg bunker, many great things there. We can take a picture; we can buy a painting, buy many souvenirs and also buy many delicious street foods. Near the bunker, there is the Supersemar Monument. It was great! In front of the monument, there were many people. They were siting, talked about something and did the other work.

The last destination is Yogyakarta’s Kasultanan Palace. It was built on the wide land near the town square. The architecture was amazing. In front of Yogyakarta’s Kasultanan Palace, I bought many souvenirs. I bought that for my friends. My grandma bought an awesome Batik with the great motif.

Finally, my grandma and I go back home after we had a fantastic pleasure in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta was very great place to have a vacation and a bit of relax. I really charmed when I went to the awesome destination in Yogyakarta.

Thank You
( Vicky Adam )
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