The Mysterious Guardian - Short Story

The Mysterious Guardian - Short Story

The Mysterious Guardian

Probably today is going to be a normal day. Like usual, Phoebe has find the seat in the corner of the 7C class. While waiting her friends to come, she has nothing to do except only sitting and waiting. She’s a quite person. Finally, the bell’s ringing. Phoebe and her friends are preparing their Mathematic books. They seem very unhappy. But, Ms. Wanda, the Science teacher come into the 7C and announce the class that Mr. Clay, the Math teacher can’t come because of his family event.

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Everybody’s cheering happy, except Phoebe. The girls are telling gossips and some of them are playing hand phone. The boys are running and chasing each other. They’re just so forceful. How about Phoebe? Well, she’s still on her seat. She isn’t telling gossips or playing hand phone, she’s drawing by herself. Such a quiet person, isn’t she? Nobody notice Phoebe right now. But, that 12 years old girl just doesn’t care. She keeps drawing seriously. Because she’s sitting beside the wall, she can hear footsteps. Not like the usual footsteps, this one is different.

“Doesn’t matter. It’s just weird footsteps beside me. Oh, ya! I need color pencils right now..” murmured Phoebe.
“But I don’t have any..” she said. Feeling disappointed, Phoebe put her drawing in her bag.
“Wait, what is this?” and she found a pack of color pencils in her bag.
“But it’s not mine. Whose color pencils are this?” she asked herself. Of course, she won’t get the answer, so she’s coloring her drawing with the mysterious color pencils.

Until the break time, there are no teachers coming to the 7C class. Now the bell’s ringing. She’s going to the canteen, without friends. Nobody wants to go with a quiet and weird girl, and even Phoebe herself wants to be alone. When she’s walking to the canteen, there are two senior girls walking beside her. It’s not good, because their faces are threatening her. The other senior girls are walking behind Phoebe. They’re a bad gang.

“Weirdo Phoebe, where are you going?” ask the girl in the left and she’s blocking Phoebe’s way.
“I’m..I’m going the.. canteen.” she answers.
“I don’t think so.,” said the girl in the right. She’s blocking Phoebe’s way too. While Phoebe’s shivering and cornered, Mr. Ally, the Civic teacher’s appearing.
“I’m sorry, seniors. What are you doing? What’s happening with the little one?” he asks.

The seniors can’t say a word. The biggest girl just saying, “We’re sorry, sir. We’re going to the canteen.” The gang is running away. The smallest from them is hitting Phoebe until she fell down. Mr. Ally’s helping Phoebe to get up. “You’re okay?” ask the teacher. Phoebe’s just nodding. With a fake smile, she said “Excuse me, sir. Thank you.” and run to the canteen. “Well, usually nobody helps me in a situation like that.” Phoebe murmured.

She’s trying to forget that incident. Phoebe’s going to buy fried rice, but when she put her hands into her pocket, there is no money! She’s freaking out. It’s real, there’s no money! So, Phoebe just gets out from the canteen. No foods for today. She’s guessing that her money’s fall when the big girl hit her. But, suddenly, someone is calling her. “Phoebe! Where are you going?” It’s a sound from the canteen, so she’s going again inside the canteen.

“There you are Phoebe!” Jolie, Phoebe’s classmate is walking to her.
“Where are you going?” Jolie ask again.
“The class.,” answer Phoebe.
“Why? You haven’t eaten your food.” said Jolie. Phoebe starts to cry.
“I lost my money..” she answers with tears falling down.
“I see. Good news, Phoebe. I bring too much fried rice today. It’s enough for two people.” Jolie’s smiling.
“Maybe I can share with you.” Phoebe starts to smile.
“Thank God!” she said in her heart.
“Thanks a lot, Jolie.” said Phoebe. Now, she and Jolie are eating together.
“Another miracle!” thinks Phoebe.

When the two girls want to go back to the class, Phoebe’s singing without realizing that. “All my life, you stood by me. With no one else, was ever behind me. All this lights, they can’t blind me. With your love, nobody can Drag Me Down!” Phoebe’s singing. Jolie, who never heard Phoebe’s singing voice before looks shocked.

“Phoebe! That voice! You’re singing!” said Jolie, staring at Phoebe.
“Really? I don’t realize it, I swear.” said Phoebe.
“Wow..” Jolie’s still amazed.

Few days left, Jolie spread the fact of Phoebe’s voice to the whole class. Some of them didn’t believe it, but recently, they heard it. The voice of Phoebe. Finally, the class knows that Phoebe’s voice is amazing. Phoebe’s just feeling more confident to sing and sing every time. She feels like it’s an another miracle. “What happen actually? Why strange things are happening to me?” thinks Phoebe.

The next day is the same as yesterday. So much good, but unusual things happening to Phoebe. Now, the 7C students want to be close with her. Phoebe even doesn’t know what’s different from her that makes the class want to be her new close friend. She’s just feeling that nothing can stop her to be happy and believing herself. Even she’s happy, she saw something weird. She saw a senior, tall, and mysterious boy that always following her steps. When a miracle happens, that boy’s winking his eye and smiling for Phoebe. “Who’s him? It’s out from normal.” Said Phoebe inside her heart.

It’s been a month since miracles happened. Phoebe hasn’t got the answers yet. Now, Phoebe’s walking to the class in the morning. She found a gang of senior students are talking seriously. “What? The talent show?”

“Yes, Talent Show. I’m not sure when, but every class should have something to perform when the time’s come.” that’s all Phoebe can hear when she’s walking beside them.

Right before she’s walking in to the class, the mysterious boy that smiled at her is walking to her, and he whispered “You’re in!” and he’s going away. Still confuse, Phoebe’s calling that boy again. “I’m sorry? What did you say?” But the boy doesn’t answer it. He’s just walking away. From that time, Phoebe can’t forget that whisper. It stuck in her head. She feels like there’s a meaning behind that whisper. But, never mind. Phoebe also wonder who’ll perform when the Talent Show come. She can’t wait anymore.
Today is the Talent Show! The day we’re all waiting for. Today, no studying and the students can go home at eleven a.m. What a perfect day. Phoebe wears long blue with white lace T-shirt, old jeans from her mom, and white snickers. She’s letting her long wavy black hair without any hair accessories. She’s a very simple girl, and also pretty, of course. She’s going to the audience’s chair and picks a seat on the second row. While waiting her friends to come, she wears her earphones and listens to songs. Quietly, she’s singing. Later, she turns up her volume of her voice. Now, everybody could hear Phoebe’s amazing voice. 10 minutes later, her friends already come. The show will start in 10 minutes. She can’t wait who will perform up there deputize her class. But, somebody is pulling Phoebe’s hand out of the seat and taking her to the backstage.

“Jeremy! What are you doing?! You almost make me fall down!” said Phoebe mad.

“I’m very sorry, Phoebe. I told the head of this show that..that you will perform for our class. I forgot to tell you.” Said Jeremy, the leader of 7C.
“I won’t perform up there! I just can’t! You must choose the other, who has the better talent, probably.” said Phoebe.
“No. For me, you have a best talent. Come on, for our class, Phoebe. Sing for us. Please?” ask Jeremy with smile.
“I..” Phoebe hasn’t finish. Later, a senior who leads the show is telling that no people can stand in backstage, except the Talent Show participants.
“Good luck, Bye!” that’s the last words from Jeremy. Phoebe has no idea what to do. Her brain’s freezing, it won’t work. So, she’s sitting with tears falling down. But, someone pat Phoebe’s shoulder from the back. Phoebe turns her head, and she can’t believe her eyes. It’s the boy who always following her steps and whispering “You’re in!”
“Don’t worry, now.” said the boy.
“You’re the mysterious boy! Tell me, who are you?” ask Phoebe. She wipes her tears.
“My name is Max. Max Griffo. I’m from 9C.” answer the boy with smile. A very cute smile.
“I still don’t know who you are. What are you doing here? What do you want?” Phoebe keeps asking questions until Max stops her.
“I’ll explain everything.” said Max.
“Remember when you found a pack of color pencils in your bag?”
“Yeah, how do you know that?” ask Phoebe back. She’s still curious.
“How about Mr. Ally who saved you from the senior gang who cornered you?” ask Max. Phoebe just nodding.
“Hmm, how about when Jolie gave you fried rice when you lost your money? And when you were very confident to sing every time? Your friends know your talent, right?” Ask Max. “Of course. Just tell me how you know all of that?” ask Phoebe back.
“Because, I am your Mysterious Guardian.” Answer Max simply.
“You’re my what?” ask Phoebe. She doesn’t get it.
“I’m your Guardian. I made your entire miracle. I always keep an eye of you. I’m the one who keeps you save.” answer Max with smile.
“Oh, it’s you. Okay. How can I trust you?” ask Phoebe. “You want prove? Follow me!” said Max walking to the quiet place behind the stage. Phoebe’s following him.
“I need to fix your clothes. You can’t sing with that, you know..” said Max while he’s looking to Phoebe’s clothes.
“Then fix it for me, please!” said Phoebe smiling.
“Sure.,” said Max.

From his hands, appear little yellow stars and dazzled lights. From that stars and lights, he makes a simple blue dress with a little pink bow in the middle. Max’s holding the dress and gives it to Phoebe. That girl can’t say a word. She opens her mouth and can’t believe her eyes. “W-what have you done?” ask Phoebe, still feeling amazed.

“I just made a dress for you.” Max giggling.
“Now change your clothes, quick!” said Max. Phoebe’s holding her dress and running to the toilet.

When she comes back, Max’s smiling at her. He’s changing Phoebe’s snickers to beautiful silver shoes. He also makes a pink hairband for Phoebe. “Good. You’re ready to go!” said Max happy.

Phoebe’s getting ready at the backstage. Now, the student from 7B is performing, while Phoebe’s from 7C. Actually, she had to be ready, but Phoebe’s feeling nervous. “Let me see. Your dress is perfect, you have silver shoes, your hair is complete with a hairband, what else?” ask Max.

“No, nothing. It just, I’m scared. What if they don’t like me? What if they mocked me out there?” Phoebe’s scared.
“They won’t. Trust me. You’re pretty, you have beautiful voice, and you’re nice. Phoebe, just believe in you!” scolds Max.
“Oh, no. People are clapping. The 7B student has done! Max, help me!” Phoebe’s getting panic.
“Calm down! You’ll be awesome out there. Show yourself.” Said Max.
“Oh, I forgot. Come here, Phoebe. I forgot something.” Add Max. Phoebe’s coming near to Max and he’s kissing Phoebe’s forehead!
“That’s for your luck.” Said Max softly. Phoebe can’t say a word. Her cheeks are getting red. Now, she’s coming to the stage.

Phoebe introduce herself while Max is back there, making sure that everything’s normal. The song’s come out. That girl with blue dress suddenly feels very confident. She’s singing with relax now. The audiences are very amazed of the pretty girl in front of them. “One Last Time, I need to be the one who takes you home..” sings Phoebe in the end of the song. The audience immediately cheering, clapping very hard, and standing. The 7C students are very proud for their pretty classmate.

Phoebe’s running to Max and she hugs him tightly. “Thank you, Max! I’m serious, these claps are for you. If I win, the trophy is for you. I’m here because of you. Thanks a lot! What can I do for you?” said Phoebe with happy tears.

“You’re welcome. You’re very kind, but I don’t want to.” Answers Max wisely. Phoebe releases her hug and staring at Max’s eyes.
“I don’t care if I win or not. All I care is you now.” Said Phoebe with big smile.
“Thanks, Phoebe. Well, I’m your guardian, remember? All I care is you too.” answers Max.

Now, things have changed. Phoebe has lots of friends and her days are full with happiness. Even Max. People guess that both of them are dating or something. Actually, they’re not. They’re just like best friends, who care of each other and being there when the other needs help.

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