The Kind Old Woodsman - Short Story

The Kind Old Woodsman - Short Story

The Kind Old Woodsman

One sunny day in the huge kingdom of Murdock, a humble woodsman was walking around town with his son. The old woodsman plans on surprising his 20 year old son, but he has nothing planned since he only had enough money for a loaf of bread and a bucket of water. “What do you have in plan, Father?” His son, Clement, asked him. “Is it good?”

His father stayed quiet, but he replies with a small nod, and he also felt quite guilty for lying to his son. It was the same day that the charming princess Vienna was paying the kingdom a visit in her decorated white carriage. Suddenly, the woodsman had an idea, he asked his son to wait home till he gets back for the surprise, and Clement obeyed. The princess was only 18 years old, and he wanted the princess to marry Clement.

The woodsman ran to the palace as fast as he can, and he begged for the guards to let him enter to see the royal family. The kingdom was ruled by a wise king and queen who loved their daughter more than anything. The woodsman explained his situation to the king and queen and they understood, but they still don’t know if they will let their only daughter marry a peasant. 

The woodsman explained to them his son, and secretly, the princess heard all about that, she ran back to her room while her parent were still talking to the woodsman. Liza, her chamber maid heard all about that too, Liza was very jealous of the princess and wanted the perfect princess to suffer for all the unnecessary orders she gave to Liza.

After a while, the chamber maid gossiped to all the royal staff about the marriage even if it’s not decided yet. The king and queen became angry and asked all the staff, they all pointed to the chamber maid and she blamed the woodsman. 

The woodsman was really shocked, he was very kind and would never do such a thing like this. The woodsman did not do it and he wanted to tell them. Out of nowhere, the princess came out of one of the grand curtains she was hiding in. She saw Liza spread the gossip to the whole royal staff and even some of the kingdom.

She believed the woodsman and she agreed to marry his son, cause he would never lie, she can see it in his face. The king and queen were happy to have yet another family member, and a kind old woodsman. Liza was put in prison for what she had done, and after a week after the wedding, the princess was expecting a child.

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