Bitterness Of Life - Short Story

Bitterness Of Life - Short Story

Bitterness Of Life

Poorness is a condition where it is not always people doesn’t have much money but it can be loveless.

“Wake up ! You must go to school right now!” said Jack’s mother loudly.
“Okay… Mom.” replied Jack while he tidied his bed.
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It was first day going to school after he enjoyed a long vacation in July. Not many changed for his friends, teachers, and… of course the school subject still made him bored.

But now, Jack didn’t see his best friend -Jim. He thought Jim was sick or might be his friend still enjoyed the holiday. The time elapsed very slow at this moment, without Jim who always made him kept smiling everyday.

Sometimes, Jack looked at the clock for making sure when the time to go home. Only sat and looked at the clock was a kind of a such bored activities which he had done.

A week later, after coming home from school, Jack glanced from far his best friend who looked sad in front of Jim’s house. He just dreamy with empty gaze, it made Jack asked himself, “What is he doing now? Does he have problem?”

Jack thought that Jim could solve his problem by himself so Jack kept continue his walking without looking at Jim again. It was just a so-so day in Jack’s opinion.

According Jack’s mind, the human being absolutely have a personal trouble although it is a big trouble or trivial trouble. Both of that trouble can make people become stronger and stronger for surviving in life.

The next day, Jack didn’t see Jim for two days including this day. Eventually, he just doing the school activities which all of his friends doing now usually.

After the school finished, Jack tried to see his best friend and this time, Jack didn’t get Jim anywhere whether in front of Jim’s house nor on the street. Jack very shocked when he saw many workers brought all the furniture out from that house. Due to his curiosity made him approached and he saw Jim’s father.

“Excuse me sir, What happened with your house?” said Jack politely.
“It’s not your affairs!” said Jim’s father angrily.
“Go out from here now!!!” shouted Jim’s father.

It made Jim didn’t speak anything and he had to keep away from Jim’s garden so it wouldn’t summon the anger side of Jim’s father again. Then, Jack decided to go home. During the trip home, someone called him.

“Hei… boy come here!”
“Yes? Me?”
“Yes, you… I wanna tell you something.”
“To tell what?” Jack now was confused with a woman who called him.
“Before that, are you closest friend with the man who live in that house?” while pointing to the Jim’s house.
“Yeah, but not with the old man who now standing on the garden. I’m very close with his son-Jim. He is my best friend.” Jack explained.
“Haha…” She laughed.
“What are you laughing at? Is it funny for you?” Jack really upset now.
“Just kidding, okay back to the topic. If you are his best friend, you certainly know what kind of problem which Jim facing now!”

Jack increasingly confused. He didn’t know what the woman saying. Jack kept asking him, “What does the woman want to say!”

“Now, your best friend need to take his refreshing for his life so he isn’t in his house. His father always put Jim under pressure, he must to work hard and get some money for stabilizing his family‘s economy.
“What a pity.” But something in his mind said If Jim is… so who was that I saw yesterday? Oh, my god. Just Forget it. “Okay then, I will go to my home. Bye Mrs-“
“WHAT… wait-wait if you are Mrs. Hansent, you are…”
“Ssstt” her index finger touched Jack’s lips, it meant Jack must to keep his mouth shut.

At last, Jack went to his home but Mrs Hansent asked him again for one question before he walked away, “What is your name?”

“Jack Caperson! You can call me Jack!” and then, he walked to his home.
“Jim, there is still a friend who cares about you. Thanks Jack…” She told in deep of her heart while she was waving her hands to Jack.

The End
( Ferrin Markoni )
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