Achieving My Dreams - Short Story

Achieving My Dreams - Short Story

Achieving My Dreams

One day, i only got 28,75 for my national exam result and i was so disappointed because i couldn’t be the student of a best school that i wanted before. But in the other side, i’m so grateful for being honest to answer each questions.

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Finally, in August 2016, “Now, the best points of physics’ post-test this month is 21 and the one who gets that score is Ciara. Congratulation. Automatically, Ciara’s score is 100 in the report card soon.”

After that day, i strongly believe i can achieve my goals, those are; an acceleration student and the first champion of this semester. I always study harder than before as i can. I often woke up in the midnight until morning for studying, and i didn’t forget to pray. Not only that thing, but i also helped my friends in need. If my friends asked me to teach them, i’d teach them in each lesson although i was busy that time. I believe, if we can help others by heart, God will prepare what’s the good thing will be given for us.

Time flies so fast, the first semester of my high school has ended with many experiences that i had. I gave all of my hopes to God included being an acceleration student and the rank that will be given by Him. On December, 6th 2021, in my bad condition because of my illness, i went to school for accompanying my mother who would take my report card. Before i entered my classroom, my friend was coming to me and my mom like something would be chasing her. Her name is Salsa.

“Ciara, congratulations! You’ve got the first rank of this semester! I’m so proud of being your friend.”

In the beginning, i couldn’t believe what she said because i haven’t met my class-teacher before and i was worrying my score in chemistry. My mom and i quickly went to 10 Science 2 which is my classroom to meet Mr. Harry, he is my class-teacher.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Rosella. Your little daughter, Ciara, is being the first champion of this semester. Her total score after divided by the total lessons that she learned before is 86 and being the candidate of the acceleration student,” said Mr. Harry proudly.

“Thank you so much, Sir.” thank Mom to Mr. Harry.

“But, sorry Ma’am. For her IQ score which is only 105, she needs to take the IQ test again for being accepted as a student of acceleration. Because the acceleration student’s IQ score shouldn’t be under 120 and she must take the CQ test also.”

By my parents’ believe and my dream of being an acceleration student, i was accepting that offer. After that day, i divided my holiday time to watch the settlement of IQ tests’ questions, and answer the question of IQ tests from my books and the internet’s webs such as verbal questions until the intellectual activity one. And i was asking my seniors about the selection of entering the acceleration class. 

The God’s plan are always precious and priceless, i achieved all of my dreams in this semester. Finally, i have been accepted as a new student of acceleration class by the 130 for the IQ score and 133 for the CQ. Being an acceleration student has never been easy, i promise to God that i will be on this duty by study hard and pray hard.

From these experiences, i believe, something won’t be happened if we don’t believe and do the best as we can. And another best thing will come if God don’t accept one of your dream, so don’t worry. Just give the best thing that you can give to others.

Thank you, work on your dream while you still can
( Tyas )
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