A Day With New Friend - Short Story

A Day With New Friend - Short Story

A Day With New Friend

This is her first day come to Fendi’s home, her classmates. Clarissa came to Fendi’s home for doing group tasks. Before, Clarissa was never close with Fendi at school. She think Fendi is very naughty.

Clarissa was greeted by Fendi’s mother in front of his house.

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“Good afternoon, Ma’am. I am Clarissa, Fendi’s classmates. I will be here for doing group tasks from school.” said Clarissa.
“Welcome here, Clarissa. Fendi, prepare your books and completed your tasks! Clarissa, follow me! I’ll show you a place to learn.” say Fendi’s mother.
“Okay, Ma’am!” Clarissa reply.

Fendi’s mother showed Clarissa place to study groups. Can you guess, where they learn? In the kitchen, at the dinner table. It’s real, no kidding. Fendi also looked surprised.

“Ha? In here, Mom?” Fendi asked.

Fendi’s mother reply, “Yes! Let’s go doing your group tasks!”

Clarissa and Fendi sit when Fendi’s mother went.

“I’m sorry, Clarissa. I don’t know we will learn in here.” said Fendi guilty.
“Don’t worry, Fendi. As long as you are not naughty, I will forgive you.” Clarissa reply.

Fendi suprised, “Really?! Ok, i will change to be better!”

Clarissa smile and they will completed doing group tasks.

An hour passed. Clarissa and Fendi was tired.

Suddenly, came the cockroach at the dinner table. Clarissa screamed in terror. he never had a bad thing about cockroaches.

“Are you scared of cockroaches?” asked Fendi.

Clarissa nodded, “Fendi! throw away the cockroach!”

Fendi holding the cockroach and scare Clarissa. Clarissa screamed.

“Fendi! You lie, huh? You promised not naughty again, right?” asked Clarissa fears.

Fendi answered, “I’m sorry.. I, uh .. Actually i’ll throw away the cockroach.

“Fiddlesticks! Let’s throw away! I don’t want to see cockroach again!”

After Fendy throw away the cockroach, they continued doing group tasks.

A few hours later … they had completed the task of the school. Clarissa say goodbye to each other.

“Goodbye, Fendi!”
“Goodbye, Clarissa! I promised. I’ll be better. I’m glad to have a friend like you”

Clarissa smile again.

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