A Day in School - Short Story

A Day in School - Short Story

A Day in School

That day, In a school in my city, Makassar, I’d just finished my teaching in a class, went out, then the following teacher (my college friend) came in that class and continued teaching the students. This was what we had to do in two months to fulfill one of the requirements of our study in Campus, especially for those who are in Education Department – Doing A Teaching Practice.

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When I was sitting some meters away from the class, starring at the Teacher teaching inside, I opened my book. I read what haven’t been read yet, imagining…

Suddenly a voice flew toward me, seemed to be whispering…

“Big brother…”

I turned my face, “Oh, hello… come..” I answered.

A girl came to me then sat beside me.

“Anyways, why don’t you come in to the class?” I was trying to make a talk.
“I’m kinda tired, big brother.” She answered.
“Oh, I see.”

A minute passed by, Silent… (I was in silent, and she was too… I didn’t know what kind of idea I was going to talk about… sort of speechless).

A minutes later, when I was trying to talk about something…

“Big brother, how long have you been in college?” she asked.
“Umm… about 3 years… 1 year left, I wish.”
“Oh… I see. And, do you wanna be a teacher after fininshing your study?”
“Mmm… I, I’m actually not giving much hope in my goal of being a teacher, I actually want to be more than that, you know… a lecture, could be, and find some additional jobs. Tacher is not a promising job, I mean in terms of earning money, salary. It’s still not equal of what the teachers do in class and their salary. Though they have that so-called “teacher certification”, I mean, to be a teacher, we still need more… We may need some additional jobs to raise fund…”

That time, I spoke like a sophisticated one, but above all, the way I think, was like capitalistic one.

“Big brother, do you think that by mastering English, being English teacher, or knowing English can provide us much space in looking for job?” she kept asking.
“Of course, little sister… ‘cause you know, English is needed everywhere. Beside teaching English in school, you can teach English in a course, private learning, etc. You can also use your English in serving tourists or being interpreter… and many more”.
“So, big brother, we will hardly find a job when we have no ability of English, right?”
“Could be, could be not…”

Then I went on…

“Little sister, actually, above all… if you have an interest of something, a hobby, just keep on developing it, give much attention to it. It will be your power one day, your future, to live your life…”

I went on…

“But, you know, in Indonesia, it’s still hard to develop such a thing. We have less place or space to develop or to improve our creativity, we have less friends or people to share our creativity or to compete with. It’s really different with what happened in the western countries.”

“That’s right big brother… By the way, I like drawing, big brother. I have many drawings of my own. I’m also good at dancing…”

(of course you are, ‘cause I saw you dancing in the class just now… ) I talked in mind.

She went on…

“Yes, so poor in Indonesia. Tira aggres. (She changed the “pronoun” of herself using her name, a sort of Jakarta dialect)

This girl was not originally from South Sulawesi. I could see it through the way she talked. And yepp, I knew it by our following talks ‘cause she told me about her experience, her story. She moved to Makassar because her father had a job here (kind of job mutation, perhaps).

Again, she went on…

“You know, big brother… In Indonesia, It’s so annoying, you know people here sometimes do not appreciate something we do. For example, you know sometimes when I’m dancing, people think that I’m just kind of crazy person, doing unimportant thing…”
“Yah, that’s it. That’s why I wanna go abroad, study there, and enjoy life there.”
“Hmm… by the way, don’t you wanna come in to your class. I think we’ve made a long talk here. I’m just afraid if… mmm… actually we shouldn’t do a talk like this ‘cause you’re supposed to be in class now but, the fact, you’re not in class now.” I went on, trying to give a little advice.

“It’s OK, big brother, it’s OK… Tira’s just kinda tired studying in class.”
“I see, but… mm… Oh ya, you said before that you like drawing. Anyways, you know, I also like drawing, painting, I used to have many drawings… and the way I draw is by imitating a picture… not so bad. I began to draw something when I was five.”
“That must be nice… Hmm, big brother do you wanna go abroad? By the way, Kira has relatives in Singapore, and Kira knows that it’s good to study there. When Kira was in Elementary School, Kira almost went there with Kira’s family and lived there, but unfortunately the plan was cancelled.” She told her experience.
“Little Sister…!” I suddenly disrupted the talk.
“Let’s get in to the class… The class is almost over.”

We both came in to the class… the class would be over in five minutes. She then sat at her seat, took something from her bag…

“Big brother, this is my drawing, look..” She showed me a piece of paper.
“Wow… beautiful…” I said, looking at the Manga (anime picture from Japan) at the paper.
“Do you like drawing Manga?” I asked
“Yes, I do, big brother.”
“Just keep developing your drawing, little sister. If you have time, you can join groups of Manga lovers to share your drawings or something related to Manga. In facebook maybe you can find such those group, Manga Lovers Makassar maybe, etc. You can join them…”

The bell then rang… class was over.

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